Notaries Watillon & Hames

Etude notariale



Aménagement intérieur d'une nouvelle construction

Elegance, personality and modernity for this notarial office

This is how Matriochka imagines this notarial office. Walnut is used as the common thread in each unit, which gives strength and sophistication in this new built space.

Our clients goal: create a convenient and pleasant space for the collaborators every day and for clients.

The waiting room contents with custom-made furniture. A panoramic photograph energizes the space and brings about a sense of serenity. Thanks to the walnut covering, a technical duct is covered up. This is how to benefit from a technical imperative !

Walnut brings strengh and elegance. Carmine red brings energy and warmth. There are an interesting game of curved and vertical lines.

This space becomes both a working place and a reception, to meet the requirements of the secretaries and clients.

Carmine red brings vitality and warmth. Red items covers up the back of the computers. The walnut open work panel partitions the room but at the same time leaves a feeling of openess and great visibility. The made to measure storage were created to provide an optimale organization of the files.