Elisabeth & Rainer




Aménagement intérieur total pour une nouvelle construction

Modernity, warmth, contrast, rythm

As soon as we enter this new build in the Eastern Township, the tone is set : we discover a sophisticated and pleasant place.

During our meeting, we were asked to create “a modern but warmth interior“.

The most important for us is to meet the requirements of our clients and respect their personality to create a living space that suits them.

The wood is the focal point. It is used to provide maximum warmth, as required by our clients. Substance and textile association and intelligent lighting complete our project.

A focal point to structure the space and host family

The living room was imagined like a cocoon. A gas burning fireplace, which structures the space, separates the living room from the dining room and the kitchen. Indirect lighting coming from the suspended ceiling gives a relaxing and calm atmosphere. Pieces of art selected for this room provide single and exclusive character.

Photo credits : Gregor Collienne