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Aménagement intérieur d'une nouvelle construction : Revêtements muraux et sol Bardage plafond Mobilier sur mesure Sanitaires Eclairage

Invitation to well-being and relaxation

Matryoshka has created an atmosphere of well-being and relaxation for the interior design of this swimming pool. By fully opening the sliding glass doors, nature enters the pool area. Different from what is found in classic and sanitized swimming pools, the red cedar cladding provides a soft, soothing and woody scent.

A gentle rhythm

A particular rhythm is given by the different widths of full height wall tiles, as well as the cedar lathing, contrasting with this uniform blue-green mass. The creation of bar / breakfast areas, jacuzzi, bench with integrated storage and sanitary facilities complete the whole in order to create a harmonious and coherent whole.

La coupe à onglet du lattage, l’éclairage indirect, le choix des teintes et des matières : chaque détail compte et fait la différence.

Photo credits : Idrisse Hidara